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What is Cover?

The term Cover, especially in the restaurant industry, refers to a diner who eats or a meal that is being served. A cover differs from a table in that it represents only one of the meals served at that table. It differs from a dish in that it includes the extras that diner orders – such as drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

When projecting sales, many restaurateurs find that they achieve a greater degree of accuracy by basing their calculations on the expected number of covers rather than the expected number of tables. Therefore, we have created a Cover report.

Why did we decide to create this report?

Many merchants, particularly running restaurants wish to know how many customers were per order/table. As far as we know, Clover POS doesn’t have a real solution for this, so we decided to create this ‘solution’ report.


A bit about the Cover Trends report

As most of the reports in Analytics, this is a classic type of report with usual report sections.

In the report header, you can find details about the cover and the report. In addition, here you can select the period which you want to analyze.

After the header, the summary section will give you much information relevant to this report.

Besides the summary, in this report, you can find two sections. The first section contains information about various covers per day and average covers gross/net per day. This information you can find in graphs as well as in a detailed table.


In the second part, you can find more detailed information about covers, like the number of covers per hour or per daypart.

How to access Cover Trends report?

This is a solution (workaround) report, and it is only available in the Advanced tier. You can access the Cover Trends report in several ways. The first way you can access it is by selecting it from the menu on top of the screen (Report list). Also, you can press the right mouse button to open a quick menu or searching for report via Reports Vault page:

If you are running a restaurant or similar business, the Cover report could be very useful to you. To know more about the report and its prerequisites, please check the FAQ page.

As always, we want to hear any suggestions you may have. After all, we are building this app for you.

We hope that you are as excited about the new changes as we are.

Have any new ideas or suggestions? Write to us!

Happy Analyzing!

Your Analytics | BusinessQ App Team

Qualia Data Sciences LTD

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