Self service BI – make your own report from scratch

Self service BI – make your own report from scratch

Self service BI – make your own report from scratch

Self service BI – our basic goal – to enable ANY BusinessQ user to define and make his own report from scratch, all in drag and drop interface, and without writing a single line of SQL code!

Self service BI


Some technical details about BusinessQ software

Works on Any device

BusinessQ is carefully designed to work seamlessly on any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. All you need is a modern web browser.

In order to experience the best speed and overall performance, we recommend Google Chrome web browser.

The following desktop browsers are supported :


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Safari Two Latest Versions
  • Firefox Two Latest Versions
  • Google Chrome Two Latest Versions
  • Opera Two Latest Versions


BusinessQ leverages the strengths of human perception in general. Very important part of that perception are our eyes (70% of receptors in our body are in eyes!). Color can be used as a very powerful way to enhance the meaning and clarity of quantitative data, but also can add problems if it’s used improperly. That is why in BusinessQ  we carefully made color palettes – we simply don’t want to allow report designers to make nonfunctional reports.


  • Qualitative palettes – the ones that are used to separate items into distinct groups – hues are used to create the visual differences between items. Qualitative palettes are best suited to represent nominal or categorical data
  •  Sequential and diverging palettes – primarily used to encode quantitative differences
BusinessQ 16 diverging palette example

Easy integration

BusinessQ is a web application. You’ll be able to build, share and view web-based dashboards directly in your web browser. It can’t be simpler to view BusinessQ embedded Report or Dashboard. You just have to make desired Reports or Dashboards public, get their link and that’s it!

Drag-and-Drop elegance

Whether you are adjusting user rights, define reports and their filters, or create Report or Dashboard itself, you are doing all that easily and happily in simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Brilliantly Simple

We designed User Interface in such a way that an average BI user needs only couple of hours (or none at all) of education. It is sleek and intuitive just like the most simple web applications, but with the power and rich features of desktop applications.

While you will work in BusinessQ, the accent will be on your data, not on anything else – so data can tell you the true story of your business.

We strive to put all features in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity.

And with Business Model – you don’t have to learn a single line of SQL.