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EMBEDDED BI You have a great app but it does not have a BI or analytics module? EMBEDDED BI You have a great app but it does not have a BI or analytics module?

Why Embedded Analytics ?

Should you buy, or build BI solution?

BusinessQ embedding

Embedded BI Overview

BusinessQ Embedded Analytics allows integration of standard features normally associated with BI software – e.g. data visualization with reports and dashboards or analytics tools – with your app. BI information is typically managed by a BI portal and is placed within your app’s user interface. See live demo or showcase to better understand what type of visual apps you can build with BusinessQ.

When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics,  software companies must often decide – buy of build from the scratch? They have to provide the best possible data analytic customer experience, while keeping costs under control.

If you are embedding other analytics software into your applications, it has many advantages. It would give wanted BI functionality to your customers, almost instantly.  Also, your developers will be able to focus on yours core products, not on BI itself.

With our Embedded OEM BusinessQ pricing, we are keeping it simple by providing fixed price per year based on user tiers; so, we have pricing  for both smaller environments, and large volume of users.

Some BI vendors charge per user, some per number of databases, queries, data, etc, which can get very confusing and not so transparent, very fast. Also, it would be time consuming to have to negotiate with you every time you make a sale.  We want to avoid  any uncertainty in total cost of ownership for embedded BusinessQ licence.

If you are assessing and exploring which embedded analytics solution is the best for your company please check BusinessQ Embedding overview.

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