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Analytics: Customers Report

Hi all,

we are thrilled to present the new feature in our Analytics app for Clover: Payments per Customer.


In order to read Customers data, you have to give our App permission to do so. Unfortunatelly, there is no other way to do so, unless you

1. UNINSTALL Analytics in the Clover App Market

2. INSTALL Analytics in the Clover App Market again – this will install app with required permissions set:

analytics payments customers permission

If you don’t follow step 1) and step 2), the app simply won’t be able to read your Customers data.

If you still have some problems or questions, just contact us on


Sometimes your web browser caches data. If you want to be sure that you are working on the latest version on Analytics: Payments app, make sure version on ?-INFO page is as follows:

Analytics 0502 version

If you don’t see this version in your web browser, try to reload web page (F5) a few times.

If you still have some problems or questions, just contact us on


The new Customers Report can be found in the menu:



In three graphs you can very easy see which customers are buying the most often (Nr of Trx),

Analytics 0502 Customers Report count

which customer spent the most ( Net )

Analytics 0502 Customers Report sum net amount


and even average Net amount per transaction for each customer :

Analytics 0502 Customers Report average net amount

At the bottom of the report there is detailed table – you can search data and export in excel:


Analytics 0502 Customers Report details


Hope you will enjoy new features and they will help you to run your business!



Analytics Team.


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