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Pivot Order Level announcement

Hello everybody!

Maybe you already noticed in the past ten days that you were given free access to our upcoming Advanced Tier features in Analytics app. We recently added Master Summary Report, and today we are adding Pivot Order Level Data Report.

This report enables you to create your own custom reports (up to ten different reports) or to make ad-hoc analysis. You can do this by selecting any order based data from your Clover system and combine and pivot them in any way you see fit.

For example, you can get Net amount by Date, drill down to an Hour with a breakdown per Device Model:



That is not all, you have an option to visualize your pivot data in a chart!



What can you expect in near future? We will publish an Item Level Pivot report and finalize the Advanced Analytics Tier. Also, on our webpages, we will publish detailed instructions about how to use this new features.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know at



Analytics App Team


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