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Analytics: Multi-dimensional filtering

Multi-dimensional filtering

Recently we have published new version of Analytics live. One of the main features was Multi-dimensional filtering on all Analytics Reports.

For example, on Revenue Trends reports now you can see Additional Filters panel:

Additional filters are

  • DAY

For every filter, you can select one or more values.

Advanced Analysis

So, where is the beauty in this new feature?

Consider Revenue Trends report. So far, it gave you all kinds of information connected to revenue per date. You can clearly see net revenue trend chart, for example.

But what is you wish to see all that charts and all that info, but only for one of your device? You just have to select that device in additional filter:


Clover Analytics additional filters 2

All charts and tables will smoothly filter to new values!

Further, if you want to analyze all that info, for Till 2 device, for Credit Cards, and for Visa and MC card types, just select:


Clover Analytics additional filters 3


As you can see, only your imagination and business need is limit in what you want to filter and analyze (just one of the ideas – try to select 1 month of data, select only Monday and Friday in DAY filter and you will see immediate comparison between those two days.)


We wish you happy analyzing!

Analytics Team.

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