Clover is “A Point of Sale You Don’t Have to Hide”.

Qualia is Clover approved developer for US and EU Clover markets. And we made what we do best – a data visualization and reporting App.


What Analytics: Payments does

Analytics:Payments App provides business insights for managers and business owners, through interactive Reports and Information Dasboards. In this web app, monitor payments metrics like on relevant business dimensions like Hour, Date, Employee, Payment Type …, on ANY device via web browser. It visually presents how your business is doing and shows different time trends. It helps companies to see otherwise hidden patterns, to spot business problems on time as well as to identify useful opportunities in their business data.


  • Ready-made business intelligence solution
    • Typical costs of business intelligence projects for SMBs are > 10,000 $
    • Small and medium businesses don’t want to and can’t invest 100s of thousands EUR or more on long-lasting BI implementations and can’t hire new employees to support and work on these systems
    • Analytics:Payments is integrated with Clover and is ready-made solution
  • Analytics:Payments comes with predefined Reports and Dashboards
    • Use Analytics:Payments predefined reports for business metrics
    • Export very detailed csv data on your sales at any time.
  • Made by data visualization company
    • Without proper data visualization you are stuck with mere numbers and you’ll spend hours to understand them
    • Analytics:Payments has built-in best practice data visualization for Reports and Dashboards
  • Suitable for all business types
    • because any business owner should monitor and analyze thier sales data
  • Multi-platform
    • Analytics is a web app – you can access reports from anywhere at any time
    • It is designed to work seamlessly on any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.